15 March 2014

Winter seems, at least temporarily, to be in full retreat just now, after weeks when we've had enormous amounts of snow on the tops, more than I can remember for many years. Much of it was powder, making walking a real trial over any distance (skiing being something I've always meant to do but never quite got around to) and, probably as a result, there seem to have been far fewer people around. One person who was around however was the one who took a trials bike much of the way up Beinn Damh, a favourite hill of mine on the south side of Upper Loch Torridon; I spent much of an otherwise very enjoyable day fantasising about which cliff I would have run his bike over if I'd caught him. Perhaps fortunately, I'd probably missed him by a couple of days.

The galleries have again been updated with some new material, and there are now facilities for purchasing prints of all the images. These are available in a range of sizes, although I've restricted the actual papers to a choice of, er, one. Hahnemühle Torchon is a 285gsm matte paper with a textured finish, and is what I use for my own prints; although matte paper has a narrower colour gamut, I've always preferred it to both pearl and (particularly) gloss finish for the overall look. Hopefully anyone ordering will feel the same way.

6th October 2013

Just back from three weeks in Norway. Probably the best long spell of weather I've ever had there, sunshine nearly every day with only a couple of wet days, and the autumn colours just wonderful.

I travelled up from near Oslo to Voss, then to the Jotunheimen, the Hardangervidda and the mountains around the Sognefjord and Aurlandsfjord. If there's a more beautiful country anywhere else I've certainly not seen it.

The country never disappoints. (Well, perhaps the prices of many things do tend to make foreigners turn slightly pale, but you can't have everything). At this time of year nearly all the tourists have left and the few camper vans and caravans are usually local. The mountain huts are quiet during the week and it's quite possible to have one to yourself with only the landscape for company. Priceless. If you haven't been there, you should go.

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, I wouldn't have minded an occasional cloudy day just to ring the changes on the look of some of the hundreds of images I came home with. I'll be putting a gallery up just as soon as I've run all the images through Lightroom.

15 August 2013

Well, if anybody's still listening after the very lengthy delay since this site was last updated, it's back with a new simpler, cleaner design and a load of new images. My aim is to to keep the galleries updated regularly once they are all in place, and we'll see how that goes.

There are no purchasing facilities yet but if you are interested in a print of any of the images please contact me direct for a quote.

I've called this section the Blog but in reality it's more likely to be an explanation of what's been updated. If however I can think of anything interesting to say I might just add that - just don't expect a book.

In the meantime, please bookmark and come and see what's happening every few weeks.